Chickens at Tonys

Oven Roasted Chicken

crispy sage polenta + pan sauce + arugula papadeaux salad

Half of an Ohio all natural, free-range chicken, slow-roasted with polenta and a savory pan sauce. Accompanied with peppery arugula greens and a white balsamic vinaigrette.

For the Enthusiast:

A form of polenta has been around for centuries. Originally made from farro and barley, it is considered the first bread. A version of polenta kept the Roman army fed. The soldiers toasted the grain over a fire, crushed it, and stored it in their haversacks. When they stopped to camp at the end of the day, the soldiers would grind the grain to a porridge-like consistency, and boil it to form porridge. The soldiers consumed it in this form, or allow it to harden into a semi-leavened cake. We think Tony’s of Cincy’s version is much tastier!

Pairs Well With:

Full-Bodied White Wine, Italian Red

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First things first, the roasted chicken is by far the best roasted chicken I’ve ever had out at a restaurant. The skin is crispy, the inside tender, juicy and flavorful. And the polenta it’s served on? Down right ridiculous with it’s creamy crispiness.

– Carolin C @Yelp


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