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Prince Edward Mussels

lobster tomato saffron broth + chilies + garlic + chorizo

We serve a mountain of mussels, simmered in an aromatic blend of fresh herbs, Spanish chorizo, lobster tomato saffron broth and red pepper flakes; they are finished with white wine.

For the Enthusiast:

These mussels are harvested from Prince Edward Island, off the eastern coast of Canada. The ocean climate and tidal patterns in this area make it an ideal location for raising mussels. These mussels are a protein-rich seafood product which provide many nutrients and minerals, while being low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. A good source of vitamin C, zinc and omega-3 acids, these mussels are considered the best of the best.

Pairs Well With:

Lagers, IPAs or citrus-driven white wine

Ask your server for inspiration and guidance


…the mussels, the best we’ve ever had…

– Cincysher @ TripAdvisor


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