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Shell Shocked

tonys-crab legs

There is something about the iciness mixed with the taste of the sea that makes our raw bar the perfect shield against the summer heat. At Tony’s, we provide the very best and freshest raw bar that we can procure for you.

Now for some shocking facts:

– Sonya Thomas, a truly diminutive gal, holds the world’s record for eating oysters–46 dozen in 10 minutes. You may want to think twice before inviting her out to dinner.
– The largest of King crabs can grow a leg span of over 6 feet, making them the Rockettes of the ocean.
– Shrimp is the most popular seafood in America. We eat one billion pounds of shrimp each year, about one-fifth of the amount of shrimp produced around the world. At Tony’s, we use the big daddies of the shrimp world.

Cool off with a truly refreshing start to a great meal. We suggest starting off with a little less than 46 dozen oysters, but that’s your call.

Happy July 4th!

We will be closed on July 4th to ooh and aah over fireworks with the rest of the country. See you on the 5th!

Magic Trick


It’s always good to have an extra ace. Keep a few “spare” Tony’s gift cards on hand for those unexpected turns in life. They work equally well for “Congratulations!” as they do for “I’m Sorry!” Our steak does not judge.

Cincinnati Gift Cards Lexington Gift Cards

Cincinnati and Lexington Spotlights


We asked our drink aficionados at both locations what they would pair with some of our raw bar items. Along with the “what,” it’s great to know the “why”:

– Champagne/sparkling wine–The crispness and minerality of champagne or sparkling wine pairs well with the brininess/natural salinity of oysters
– Sauvignon Blanc–The citrus notes of the wine compliment the brininess and richness of shrimp and King crab
– Chablis–The full-bodied luxuriance of the wine compliments the rich notes and full flavor of King crab and shrimp cocktail. It also balances out spicy notes of our cocktail sauce.
– Beer (specifically I.P.A)–The hoppiness and citrus notes of beer pair perfectly with ceviche and the mignonette served with oysters. It also cuts through the richness of King crab and jumbo shrimp.
– Sherry–The nuttiness and spice of sherry accentuate west coast oysters and compliments the flavor of King crab.
– Riesling (both sweet and dry)–The crisp citrus floral notes and minerality of German/Alsatian Rieslings compliment the natural brininess of all seafood, especially oysters. Sweeter Rieslings compliment and accentuate the natural sweetness of King crab and shrimp.



Dinner in the bar this evening with friends. We spend half of our time at our Tampa home. I’ve traveled extensively and was convinced the best steak in the USA was served by Bern’s in Tampa. We dined a few times at Tony’s before leaving for Florida for the winter. I was pleased to find when we returned, the steaks were still the best I’ve experienced; too bad Bern’s. And what a plus when Dave the GM and Tony drop by to make certain everything is great…Thanks for making dinner exceptional.

– Facebook

Impeccable service, wonderful atmosphere and beautiful presentation.
Absolutely love–will return.

– Guest Comment

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