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A Steak Kind of January


You may be able to argue that nobody really needs a steak. But when Tony’s steak is described in this way: “The steak. Oh that steak. I’ll probably dream about it for a while” or we are touted as “Steak Nirvana,” doesn’t that elevate steak to a need? Yeah, we thought so…

Group Dining. Tailored to Your Needs. Damn Fine Food.


What sets us apart from the pack when it comes to your private dining needs? It’s all in the details:

– Your room is reserved for the entire evening. We never double-book the room or give you time limits.
– You can come in any time on the day of your event to view the room, bring in flowers or balloons or any personal touches that would make your event complete.
– Our menu packages can be altered to fit your unique needs. Being privately owned means we have the ability to cater to your specifications and create a menu based on what you want.
– We give guests their entree options the evening of the event. No need to pre-count (or guess) what your guests will want for dinner.
– Our award-winning service will ensure that your evening will run smoothly and to your satisfaction.
– Our food is good. Really good. You can taste the difference–and your guests will too.

From wine dinners to wedding receptions and every business meeting in-between, we’ve got you covered. Call Emily in Cincinnati or Katie in Lexington for questions or inspiration. We would be pleased to be a part of your events in 2016.

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Can’t be by the coast right now? We’ll bring it to you in the form of Tony’s raw bar. Consider starting your meal with our oysters. Each week, our chefs carefully select only the best for you.

Oysters’ briny taste and health benefits make them worth a try. Packed with vitamins and minerals, including zinc, iron, calcium, selenium, vitamins A and B12, oysters are purported to strengthen your immune system, make your bones stronger, boost your love life (we won’t go into detail), and even eradicate acne!

Brought in daily, we serve the freshest of the fresh of ever-changing varieties. Our house-made cocktail sauce hits just the right note of spiciness to compliment your oysters.


I have eaten at very nice restaurants all over the world, and Tony’s can stand toe-to-toe with any of them. The steaks were some of the finest steaks for flavor and cut that I have ever had. The staff was extremely attentive. We went for my son’s birthday, and within a day, he had a handwritten note from our server thanking him for choosing Tony’s for his birthday dinner.

– T. Back via Facebook

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