February Newsletter


You may have heard the chilling fact: a single weekday edition of the New York Times contains more information than the average person in the 1,600’s would have come across in a lifetime. In addition, studies have shown our addiction to technology and up-to-the-minute information adds a burden of increased anxiety, isolation and depression in some people.

What to do if all this talk has made your stressed? Go on the quiet, at least for a few hours. We’ve created surroundings and a menu that encourages actual human interaction. At Tony’s, there are no self-serve iPads to take your order but real people who care about your needs. Listen to–and watch–a live band on the weekends. Enjoy cozy surroundings to de-stress. Eat food crafted by real chefs in a kitchen just feet from your spot.

If all this sounds appealing to you, use the technology below and make a reservation. Or go old school and call us. You’ll be greeted by a warm voice owned by a cheerful person who will be more than willing to make your reservation–and world–a little more humane.

Lent is Right around the Corner

You can enjoy fresh seafood and pasta entrees that are perfect for the spring season. Some Lenten features to try:

  • Organic Scottish Salmon – served with sautéed green beans, peppers, red onions, hazelnuts, goat cheese and a citrus vinaigrette
  • Blackened Yellow Fin Tuna – prepared with seared baby bok choy, miso kohlrabi puree and a soy ginger emulsion
  • Pasta Pescatore – shrimp, scallops, mussels and clams mix happily with cherry tomatoes in a lobster saffron sauce
  • Bucatini Primavera – utilizing the best seasonal vegetables and roasted tomatoes, then finished with a white wine herb sauce

In addition to our menu items, visit us during the Lenten season for an ever-changing array of seafood features.


Amore, Tony’s Style

We’re passionate about Valentine’s Day, but just as passionate about the weekends surrounding it as our love for the holiday runs for days. Consider declaring your love early; beat the rush by joining us on the weekend preceding the big day. Your love is more laid back? Join us the weekend after. Just don’t wait to make reservations; forgetting to reserve a table may result in making the wrong kind of memories!

We are passionate about making a memorable experience for you all year long. Please join us anytime!

Cincinnati and Lexington Spotlights

Private Dining

The holidays may be over, but this year’s celebrations and events are just getting started! February is National Wedding Month, the month where most couples begin planning for all things wedding. Tony’s would be honored to be a part of your celebrations. Let us help you with your rehearsal dinner, a groom’s outing, a meet-the-parents party, bridal shower or other gathering.

We can help you plan the perfect family or corporate event with minimal effort and stress on your part. Put your party in the very capable hands of our sales staff; please call to start planning your event today!


A Reminder about Super Bowl Sunday

My business is to succeed, and I’m good at it.

– Napoleon Bonaparte

Just a reminder: we will be closed on February 4, 2018 to watch the big game. Win or lose, we look forward to seeing you on the 5th!

This we know: one team will win; one team will lose. Here are a few fun facts about winning and losing:

– Our bodies release feel-good serotonin and dopamine when we win. We will experience this effect even if we are not on the playing field. Be joyful, all you armchair athletes!

– Feeling bad because your team is losing? You shouldn’t! Avid fans of a losing team often form a unbreakable bond. The phenomenon, termed “identity fusion”, means that the group humiliation you endure can be equally as effective in bonding fans to a team as winning. Losers, unite!

You know what also releases feel-good chemicals and a sense of kinship? Dining at Tony’s. Start a new tradition with your friends. Winners buy the losers a meal at Tony’s…

Wonderful service and delicious meal. The mixed drinks were unbelievable too. We especially loved the truffle wedges. The place has the feel of a modern, upscale experience without being snooty.

– via OpenTable

Let me begin by stating that I follow a strict vegan diet. Funny, isn’t it? I e-mailed my dilemma to Tony’s via the website a few days prior to my visit and was promptly contacted…there would be no issue catering to my request. Not only were they able to make a delicious meal for me, the staff was fully aware and accommodating. I am not a “fine dining” individual, but could get really used to this service. Absolutely top notch! Thank you for a most excellent birthday celebration!

– via Facebook

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