August 2018 Newsletter

National Son & Daughter Day

August 11th

Come in and celebrate Son and Daughter Day! After all, your son and daughter are the joy of your life. What better way to celebrate them getting out of the house and going back to school than a delicious steak at Tony’s! See you at our place!

Holiday Tips

1. Celebrate the greatness of your own children and the magic they’ve brought into your life. Whatever age your children are this holiday is a reminder to make time and stay connected.

2. Take the day off. It is a Saturday, but try to relax with the kids or bring them along for whatever errands you have to run that day!

3. Make a special treat. You don’t have to do a craft or even make some sugary treat, you know what food they eat and chances are we have it at Tony’s!

Heating Up

It may be the last month of summer but Tony’s is heating up! Even the National Climate report says that it has been warmer than last year! We can report that nothing will beat a perfectly cooked meal, with a delicious side and a luscious dessert.
Not only will our Indianapolis location be ready to open by the end of this month, but our Cincinnati and Lexington locations will be full of hustle and bustle as well!

You can keep track of all the excitement on our Instagram page which has mouth watering photos and up to date news and information on all locations!

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The Send-Off

Back to school

A typical college student’s diet consists of, fast food, ramen and energy drinks. These “treats” aide in the dreadful ‘Freshman 15’; here at Tony’s we proudly serve none of these. Treat your new college student to a delicious and nutritious meal with no plastic ware or microwaves in sight! Send them off to their new school with a full belly (and most likely some left overs!)

Truthfully you don’t need a college student to come in; whether your child is going into first grade or into high school Tony’s is the right choice! We even save you from having to wash dishes and clean up the kitchen!

Deliciously large portions of food. Tasty cocktails. Great service.

– via OpenTable

Tony’s is a local gem! For all of those who love an amazing steak this somewhere you must try!

– via Yelp

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