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September Newsletter

Haters Gonna Hate (Carb) haters gonna hate. Let ’em. Let’s be honest–when talking about comfort food, no one waxes poetic about beet puree or a zucchini foam–it’s carbs that gets everyone happy and nostalgic. Contrary to current belief, carbs have a slew of benefits to our bodies. Consider marathoners, the titans of runners. A high carb diet is advised for days leading up to a marathon for these super athletes because it improves endurance, allows them to train harder and has a host of benefits to the immune system. Think like a marathoner–try one of our pastas. Our pastas–imported from

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Photographer Highlight: Mackenzie Frank

This month we’re highlighting Mackenzie Frank for a great set of photos that we’ve recently added to our websites. Mackenzie Frank is a Bachelor of Fine Arts student completing her final year at Northern Kentucky University. She is a self-admitted right-brained individual, constantly inspired by the world around her to create beautiful photographs. Although nothing escapes her camera lens, she is especially drawn to capturing images of people and food. Mackenzie has an intense love of travel, and hopes to someday mesh her two passions: photography and exploring this incredible world. Get a taste of her work at Thanks!

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